This robot wanders New York City informing people about coronavirus, but it’s already been banned from one park

  • 11 people in the US have died from COVID-19, the coronavirus disease, so far, with 160 known cases total.
  • New York has reported 11 cases, including nine infected by a 50-year-old patient.
  • A robot from Philadelphia-based company Promobot has been spotted around New York City handing out face masks and informing people about COVID-19.
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As New Yorkers prepare for more cases of COVID-19 through community spread and possible self-quarantine, information might come from an unlikely source: a five-foot tall robot. 

Robotics company Promobot builds “service robots for business,” according to its website. Early last month, Reuters reported a Promobot rolling through Time Square in New York. That same week, it was reportedly in Bryant Park in New York, giving out advice about avoiding the coronavirus and handing out facemasks — even though face masks are not an effective way to prevent COVID-19.

Take a look here. 

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