‘Alexa, I’m being pulled over’: Amazon-owned Ring unveils new security devices for the car

The Ring Car Alarm.

Ring is coming to the car.

The Amazon-owned company revealed new car security products and services as part of Amazon’s big devices unveiling Thursday: Ring Car Alarm, Ring Car Cam, and Ring Connect. It’s the first expansion beyond the home for Ring, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based company acquired by Amazon for $1 billion in 2018.

Ring Car Alarm plugs into a car’s on-board diagnostics port and can monitor for impact, break-ins, and more, sending alerts via the Ring app. There is a built-in siren that can be controlled remotely. The car alarm runs on Amazon’s Sidewalk wireless network. It works with 99% of cars, can connect to other Alexa-enabled and Ring devices, and retails at $59.99.

Ring’s mobile app shows a live stream from the Ring Car Cam. (Ring Photos)

The Ring Car Cam also monitors for bumps and break-ins while driving or parked. Dual-facing HD cameras show what’s happening in and around the car via WiFi or LTE. A feature called Emergency Crash Assist automatically contacts first responders if a crash is detected. Another feature called Traffic Stop lets car owners say “Alexa, I’m being pulled over” to trigger a recording. When parked, Ring said the camera only starts recording when it senses an event. There is also a physical camera shutter. The Ring Car Cam retails at $199.99.

The Ring Car Connect is an API for car manufacturers that allows car owners to get alerts for detected events, watch video footage, and check if the car is unlocked or locked. Tesla models 3, X, S, and Y are the first compatible vehicles for Ring Car Connect, which retails at $199.99.

Tesla models 3, X, S, and Y are the first compatible vehicles for Ring Car Connect.

“With this new line of car products, we are taking Ring beyond the home, continuing to make neighborhoods safer,” Ring founder Jamie Siminoff said in a blog post. “These products redefine how we protect our cars and the people in them by bringing the power of Ring whole-home security to the car in an affordable, easy-to-use way. I couldn’t be more excited to answer this call from our customers and I look forward to hearing how these new devices bring them peace of mind both at home and on the road.”

The devices will debut early next year.

Editor’s note: This headline was updated to clarify that Ring Car Connect is an aftermarket security upgrade for Tesla cars, not an integration.  

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