GeekWire Podcast: Slack’s case against Microsoft; GeekWire Awards recap; Seattle gets Kraken

Slack delivered a surprise this week with the filing of an antitrust complaint against Microsoft, alleging that the tech giant unfairly leverages Microsoft Office to give an edge to its Teams collaboration software. Microsoft responded with a pointed jab of its own, highlighting Slack’s subpar video conferencing experience and its own investments in that area.

What are Slack’s chances, and what will be the key issues considered by regulators? And does this mean Microsoft is back in the antitrust hot seat? That’s our first topic on this week’s GeekWire Podcast.

In our second segment, we share highlights and takeaways from the GeekWire Awards, and finally we debate the choice of “Kraken” as the name of Seattle’s new NHL team. 

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With GeekWire’s Todd Bishop and John Cook. Produced by Curt Milton. Theme music by Daniel L.K. Caldwell.

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