Watch Jeff Bezos and internet pioneer Vint Cerf get fooled by card tricks from illusionist David Blaine

Jeff Bezos may work some sort of magic every day — or at least his company does — by getting zillions of packages here and there with the click of a  button or two. But the Amazon CEO seemed genuinely baffled by magic from a real life magician in a video that surfaced on YouTube recently.

Bezos is the main focus of a clip posted July 16 by David Blaine, the American illusionist and “endurance artist.” The 5-year-old video was shot at the Liberty Science Center’s 2015 Genius Gala in which Bezos was being honored alongside internet pioneer Vint Cerf and astronomer Jill Tarter. Blaine just recently shared the video on his Twitter and Instagram feeds.

“That’s pretty much impossible,” Bezos says after witnessing Blaine’s first card trick in front of a small crowd of people. “Can I get that in slo-mo?”

“The second law of thermodynamics has just been violated,” Cerf says in the geekiest reply ever to a card trick.

Forgetting his request for slo-mo, Bezos then says he needs a high-speed camera. And later, when an iPhone is needed for one trick, MIT mathematician John Urschel gets to work the calculator.

The 3 1/2-minute video is punctuated with a lot of Bezos’ signature laugh. At one point, Blain inexplicably gulps down the remainder of Bezos’ wine and then takes a bite out of the glass, chewing on the shards in front of the world’s richest person.

“Back to what we were doing,” Blaine says, redirecting everyone back to the deck of cards — and drawing another belly laugh from Bezos.

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