Google Play Store getting dark mode toggle to prepare for Android 11

As dark themes become more pervasive across the tech landscape, developers are beginning to add more granular ways to enable the alternative theme option.

The latest Google app to do this is the Play Store. An update is slowly rolling out that adds an option that allows people to choose whether they want the ‘Dark Theme,’ the ‘Light Theme’ or the ability to match your system’s default theme.

If you have the new toggle, you’ll see it labelled as ‘Theme’ in the Play Store’s Settings menu. It makes sense for Google to be adding more manageable theme controls to its apps as it prepares for Android 11 and its time-based dark/light theme cycle.

In case you haven’t heard, Google released the first Developer Preview for Android 11 and people have discovered that Android phones will soon be able to switch from its light theme to dark mode when the sun goes down. That said, if there were one or two apps that you would rather stay in dark or light mode all of the time, this toggle gives you that control.

Source: 9to5Google

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