Google’s Pixel 4a is now available for purchase in Canada

After announcing the Pixel 4a back in August, Google’s new mid-range smartphone is finally available in Canada.

That means you can head over to the Google Store and buy the Pixel 4a. In Canada, it costs $479 outright and the phone comes with a three-month free trial of YouTube Premium, Google Play Pass and Google One if users sign up for a recurring subscription.

Further, you should be able to get the Pixel 4a at Best Buy as well as at Rogers, Telus, Bell, Freedom Mobile and Vidéotron. MobileSyrup will keep its eyes on carrier websites and updates this page with availability details as well as pricing.

Most carriers will offer the device on a device financing plan, which likely means $0 up front plus about $20 per month in financing costs over two years. We’ll include each carriers’ specific pricing below.

If you’re interested in the Pixel 4a, but want to learn more about the phone before making a purchase, check out MobileSyrup’s review.

In short, the Pixel 4a offers excellent value with a very similar experience to Google’s Pixel 4 flagship but at a much lower price. It could be worth waiting to see what the Pixel 5 offers since it’s rumoured use the cheaper Snapdragon 765 and likely cost less, but for most people the 4a will be more than enough phone for them.

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