Ontario police urging people to not call 9-11 to ask about stay-at-home orders

Multiple police forces across Ontario are reporting that they have received numerous calls from people inquiring about the province’s just-enacted stay-at-home order.

As of January 14th at 12:01am, Ontarians are required to remain at home and only go out for essential reasons, like getting groceries or attending medical appointments.

On Twitter, the official Peel Regional Police account noted that its communications team is being “overwhelmed” with 9-11 calls asking about the new lockdown policies.

Peel Police are asking that those with inquiries refer to Ontario’s official website for answers to their questions, stressing that 9-11 should only be used for actual emergencies.

The official South Simcoe Police account shared a similar message, asking that people “don’t tie up emergency lines” with COVID-19 lockdown related inquiries.

Earlier today, the provincial government also sent out an emergency alert to remind Ontarians of the stay-at-home orders. The Police Association of Ontario, the province’s representative body for Ontario police, took to Twitter to urge Ontarians to not call 911 about this notification, either.

While there have undoubtedly been valid inquiries about the stay-at-home orders, like whether police are able to randomly stop you while you’re out, one thing should be clear: don’t call 9-11 to get answers.

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