Stadia users can now test the service on 4G, 5G connections

Stadia customers can now try games over 4G and 5G data connections through what Google calls an ‘open experiment.’ Google announced the feature in its ‘This Week on Stadia‘ community post.

The post says people can try out Stadia on mobile data by opening the app on Android, clicking their avatar in the top right corner, selecting ‘Experiments’ then ‘Use Mobile Data.’ Alternatively, some users may get a pop-up asking if they’d like to try playing Stadia on mobile data.

The pop-up warns that once it’s enabled, gaming on mobile data could use up to 2.7GB per hour. Interestingly, playing Stadia at 720p on a connection of at least 10Mbps could use up to 4.5GB per hour. That may indicate Stadia will limit streams to 480p over mobile data.

According to 9to5Google‘s digging in the app code, Stadia also has a set of dialogue boxes that pop-up when your phone reconnects to Wi-Fi.

All in all, this is an important step forward for Stadia. Until now, Google has limited the service to Wi-Fi use despite one of the core benefits of the service being the ability to play games anywhere.

Source: Google Via: Android Police, 9to5Google

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