TCL reveals prototype rollable display smartphone and tablet at CES 2021

Alongside new TVs, smartphones and wearables, tech giant TCL is showing off its new rollable display concepts at CES 2021.

One of the concepts is a smartphone that expands upward, and the other is a tablet that expands outward.

In the compact form, the smartphone offers a 6.7-inch display with a square-like aspect ratio. When stretched, it reveals a 7.8-display with a more standard, but taller aspect ratio. Users will be able to expand the display with the tap of their finger. Additionally, TCL says it has a sliding life of 100,000 times.

The other rollable display tech is a tablet that can be expanded with its “Printed OLED” display and rolls up like a papyrus scroll. TCL says that the 17-inch tablet is 0.18mm thick and that the display is made with high-precision inkjet printing technology, which costs 20 percent less than traditional display technologies.

While these are only concept devices, TCL confirms that it plans on revealing its first official rollable/foldable product later this year.

It’s worth noting TCL isn’t the only phone-maker that has unveiled a rollable display at CES 2021. South Korean tech giant LG has unveiled a concept rollable handset that will join its Explorer Project alongside the LG Wing.

TCL’s rollable smartphone looks pretty cool, and I hope that the company eventually decides to release it to regular consumers.

Source: TCL

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