Uber Eats introduces Sponsored Listing to Toronto and Vancouver-based restaurants

Uber Eats is introducing ‘Sponsored Listings’ to Toronto and Vancouver-based restaurants and merchant partners.

Sponsored Listings are the company’s first advertising format and the latest addition to the Uber Eats suite of marketing solutions for merchants, and includes promotions as well as loyalty programs for restaurant partners.

Restaurants can build these Sponsored Listings in their Uber Eats dashboards and lets them set an audience, budget and duration to reach customers right away.

Additionally, Uber Eats is announcing over $1 million in marketing credits to qualified restaurants to help more restaurants experiment with the offer.

Sponsored Listings is the Uber Toronto Tech Hub’s first global project making it a made-in-Canada innovation.

Customers will start seeing Sponsored Listings in the app later this month. When it arrives theses programs will be labelled clearly in the feed.

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