Keep Your Online Deliveries Safe from Porch Pirates with the Danby Parcel Guard

Almost everyone knows someone who’s had an online order stolen from their front porch — it’s a risk you take when you shop online. If all the videos of porch pirates going viral have taught us anything, it’s that no on’s online orders are safe.

Danby Appliances recognized the fact that mere surveillance is not stopping package-theft. Package-theft is only one of the accompanying issues surrounding porch deliveries.

Danby created the world’s first smart mailbox — The Danby Parcel Guard.

The Parcel Guard is a huge step up from the popular video doorbells that only capture the theft taking place — doing nothing actually to stop the problem.

The Parcel Guard is essentially a large porch mailbox with security features that you’ll love. The Guard is aesthetically pleasing and made of industrial-grade plastic, keeping your items safe from undesirable weather conditions.

The Parcel Guard has its own iOS and Android app, which will notify you of parcel delivery. The app relays motion detection in front of your camera. Best of all — the newest feature — the Guard now has the ability for two-way calling.

How the Danby Parcel Guard Works

Danby has made something beautiful by taking a complex issue and breaking it down to simplicity for understanding and set up. When a delivery driver arrives, the driver opens the anti-theft drop slot and places your package inside.

Once your package is inside, the Parcel Guard will move your item to the secure bottom door. You are then notified through your app that your item is secured.

You’ve been excitedly waiting for your gift, your item or package. Now, you have the assurance that no one will walk away with your package. The Parcel Guard itself has hardware attaching the unit to a wall or to the porch itself — or both.

The Parcel Guard
The Danby Parcel Guard. The Parcel Guard is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home wanting package security.

A built-in tamper alarm, weight monitor, and the motion-activated camera will keep all your parcels secure. The Parcel Guard fits all standard-sized boxes in its top compartment. Have a larger package that needs securing — no problem. The larger packages can be placed directly in the bottom of the unit.

If you are someone who sells items out of your home you can use “one-time-codes” for secured pickups. Easy, fast, and secure for running a commerce business from home.

If you are Amazon crazy, like me — the Guard is indispensable. Anyone who gets a lot of packages, you’ll want to get the Danby Parcel Guard. Available at most major retailers — like Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy, Wayfair — and of course, at

For some fun viewing, hop on and watch a few YouTubes about porch theft.

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