Apple is building its own processors for future Macs

Apple just confirmed what is likely the biggest news of today’s WWDC kickoff. Tim Cook officially announced that the company will be producing its own processors for its desktops and laptops — one of the biggest changes in the company’s long computing history. As has been rumored for years now, Apple is moving away from its reliance on Intel chips, into its own ARM-based.

The move is the next logical step for a company interested in controlling as many aspects of hardware production as possible. It also follows similar moves on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The company now has several generations of in-house designs for these devices, and it’s decided to leverage it for its line computers.

Apple contends that its SOCs will be able to provide stronger performance, without sacrificing battery life — a pretty impressive change, if true. Also on-board is the sort of additional security its offered on its mobile devices, along with improved graphical performance.

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