Interior/Night Games unveils As Dusk Falls for Xbox Series X

Interior/Night Games showed off its new game As Dusk Falls during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase. The style of the story-based game is reminiscent of games like Heavy Rain that reflect the studio’s origins.

The studio is an independent game studio headed by Caroline Marchal, former lead game designer for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

The team includes veterans from Quantic Dream, the maker of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls as well as the more recent Detroit: Become Human title. The company said on its website that it subscribes to the concept of “core truths, mass appeal.”

The team is building experiences based on “core truths of love, loss, good, evil, mystery, wonder, family, and friendships.” They are trying to appeal to a broad audience and connect emotionally.

“Our first game spans 30 years in the American Southwest,” Marchal said. “It’s about how you shape the fate of real flawed people trying to make their way.”

It’s a modern day story with an interesting realistic art style, blended with comic art. In the trailer, there are two families profiled, one that is on a vacation and another that is launching some kind of criminal attack. They meet at a gas station and motel where some kind of holdup happens and tragedy ensues.

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