Logitech G Pro X gets upgrade with Lightspeed wireless tech

Wireless tech has improved drastically over the last few years, and Logitech is taking advantage of this for its latest gaming product. The company announced today that it’s launching the Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed wireless gaming headset. This is similar to the previous (and excellent) Logitech G Pro X, but without the cable.

Logitech has upgraded many of its accessories with its Lightspeed wireless tech. This low-latency system is so capable that the company uses it in its mice, where players would notice even the tiniest amount of lag. But Lightspeed minimizes such issues to the point where I’ve used a wireless Logitech mouse for more than year without noticing any lag. Now, the company is implementing this into its G Pro X gaming headset. Like with a mouse, lag could also prove disastrous for audio. But the G Pro X Lightspeed likely won’t face those problems.

Beyond the wireless, the G Pro X Lightspeed should have all the comfort and quality of the original headset. You’ll get 50mm audio drivers, virtual 7.1, and Logitech’s built-in processing.

Logitech also released its new Blue Voice software with the Pro X, and it’s including it here as well. This is a suite of tools that enables you to quickly and easily modify your microphone audio. The idea is to make a headset mic sound like something much more expensive, and the tool works surprisingly well. This is one of the major benefits of Logitech’s acquisition of the microphone company Blue.

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