Watch Live: Xbox Series X game showcase

Xbox marketing lead Aaron Greenberg specified in a tweet that Thursday’s show would only showcase games. While the Xbox Series X is planned for a Christmas launch, Microsoft is expanding the Xbox brand to be more of a service. But for now, the content takes center stage.

It comes at a precarious time for the Xbox brand. Sony’s PlayStation is currently celebrating a summer of two successful exclusive hits in “The Last of Us Part II” and “Ghost of Tsushima.” For the last seven years, the Xbox One console struggled to create captivating exclusive hits. Xbox chief Phil Spencer has said that the company is less focused on platform exclusivity, which is why it’s touting its Xbox Game Pass and upcoming cloud gaming service as part of the entire Xbox package.

Still, “Halo” (originally created by now independent studio Bungie) was the game that almost single-handedly sparked all goodwill toward Microsoft in the games industry due to its popularity, influence and success. The series continued to lift the Xbox 360 console, while it struggled to maintain relevance during the Xbox One generation. “Halo Infinite” has its chance to prove itself, and the Xbox brand, today.

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