Garmin begins to restore Garmin Connect features, services

Garmin has started to bring its Garmin Connect software back online after a ransomware attack shelved the system since late Wednesday.

As of Monday morning, Garmin said that Garmin Connect has returned with limited functionality. Simply put, Garmin has had a rough week. Here’s the timeline:

Specifically, Garmin Connect can now display activity details and uploads, register devices, show the dashboard, produce reports and segments.

Limited functionality remains for daily summary, courses, Garmin Coach, third party sync and Strava. On Strava, Strava Beacon integration is working, but segments, routes and uploaded activities are being queued to sync.

Garmin also said Garmin Golf and Garmin Dive are online with LiveTrack. Vivofit Jr. is limited with delayed stats.

There are still a few unknowns about the Garmin incident and the FAQ provided doesn’t add much detail.

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