Reolink E1 zoom review: Indoor security camera with zoom, super HD, and two-way audio

The Reolink E1 zoom indoor security camera is a nice device, small at 111mm high, unobtrusive at 79mm wide, and has a range of features that you can set and forget. 

Like the Netvue Orb and the Heimvision HM302 indoor cameras, the E1 zoom has pan and tilt control. It will pan up to 355 degrees and tilt up to 50 degrees so it can be situated anywhere in a room to give complete coverage.

Unlike most other devices that connect to Wi-Fi, the E1 zoom has a dual-band Wi-Fi connection, so there is no need to faff about trying to connect the device to 2.4GHz.

Its images are sharp and clear with a resolution of 2560 x 1920 5-megapixel camera with its daylight and f2.8-8mm autofocus, F1.6, with IR cut.

This camera does not include an SD card, but you can install your own micro SD card up to 64GB in size.

Alternatively, you can back up your 20fps videos to the Reolink Cloud, or purchase an optional Reolink NVR (Network Video Recorder) unit that will support up to 8 or 16 cameras and has a hard drive of either 2TB or 3TB.

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Inside the box, there is the camera, a mounting plate, a power adapter, and some screws. There is also a quick start guide, a template for where to drill the holes in the wall for the mount, and a surveillance sign to stick in the window.

Setting up the camera, like the Reolink Argus PT outdoor security camera is simple. All you need to do is install the Reolink app, scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera, and connect the camera to your Wi-Fi.

Then show the QR code that is generated on the app to the security camera, and connect the camera to the app. Streamlined and simple.

The app is also simple to use. Zoom in to see objects in detail and talk to people in the room from wherever. 

You can set email alerts and notifications, and configure a siren to sound at your command or at preconfigured times of the day. You can also record a personalized audio alarm.

Reolink E1 zoom indoor security camera review pan, tilt and zoom, super HD, and two-way audio zdnet
Eileen Brown

The sound is excellent, so you can record and hear what is happening at home when you are away. Although my internet connection speed means I had a slight comms lag, it was not an issue to talk through the camera to the person in the room.

In the dark, the camera will detect movement up to 40 feet away, slightly further than the $35 Netvue Orb at 32 feet or the $51 Heimvision HM302 at 30 feet.

Reolink E1 zoom indoor security camera review pan, tilt and zoom, super HD, and two-way audio zdnet
Eileen Brown

The more expensive SimCam 1S can detect movement up to 60 feet away. The picture quality is crisp and clear — even in pitch black rooms.

All in all, this is a nice security camera with a good app and crisp images. For around $70, the Reolink E1 Zoom indoor security camera will give you all-round monitoring and peace of mind.

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